The Dil Internship Project is not just about work. We want to make sure our interns see the best of Pakistan. So alongside fantastic work opportunities, we’ve arranged for city tours, amazing outdoor experiences and chances to meet local and prominent Pakistanis.



We want to place interns in dynamic and interesting businesses that shape Pakistan’s commercial, public policy and cultural landscapes. As an emerging market with endless opportunities and growing economic momentum, Pakistani industries across the board are currently going through a transformative period. Our internships present an exciting opportunity to see these changes first-hand.

For our 2020 batch of interns, we’re partnering with businesses in a number of industries including Law, Textiles, Food Products, Cosmetics and Property Management. We’ve also introduced medical internships with Pakistan’s most innovate hospitals and internships with the public sector, where interns will be able to work on public policy in the IT and Climate Change spaces. For interns looking for a more cultural experience, we’ve lined up an internship that involves archiving and analyzing generations of classical music and poetry.  

Candidates from all universities across the UK, USA and Canada and from any academic discipline are invited to apply for our internships. The businesses we partner with are looking for a range of skills in various roles, so don’t feel you have to fit a certain description! To find out more about these businesses and the roles on offer, take a look at our Companies Page.

Our internships last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. We want both you and our business partners to benefit from these internships as much as possible. So, if your application is successful, we’ll liase with you and the business you’ve applied to in order create a tailored internship programme that works for you both.


We want interns to immerse themselves in Pakistan’s rich culture. So, we’ve partnered up with tourism experts and locals - like Potential Pakistan Tours - to provide a comprehensive programme for our interns. For example, tours in Karachi will include visits to Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Hindu temples, Frere Hall, ancient markets and dawn bike riding along the beach front. We’re hoping to mirror these tours throughout Islamabad, Lahore and the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

We’re passionate about ensuring our interns get to mingle with local communities, too. The 2019 Dil Interns received a tour of the McKinsey offices in Karachi, where they got the chance to do some networking, and of Agha Khan University, where they got to meet with young Pakistanis who are shaping their country’s future.

You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will help curate your time in the city, so evening trips to shopping centres and places to socialise can also be arranged. Interns in Dubai will also have the chance to experience Pakistani culture with the help of the strong Pakistani community in the UAE.

Remember, we will do the utmost to ensure your security by making comprehensive provisions, but it is your responsibility to act responsibly whilst in Pakistan.


Your help to Pakistani businesses will be invaluable and a part of a much bigger vision of helping skills find a natural home in Pakistani enterprise. There is no shortage of opportunities in Pakistan, and you can leave your mark with the Dil Internship Project.