Open 15th Oct 2019


4 to 12 weeks


December '19




Finance and
Business Development



About this Company

UCO is a financial technology solution that is specifically about serving the underserved. The UCO team - made up of former Fortune 50 executives, bankers and prominent players in the financial industry - has a full patent-protected payments suite that the company is going to enter into the market via Pakistan’s international remittance corridors. UCO provides real-time remittances at no-fee, usable from any smartphone or feature-phone.

UCO is looking for interns who will have an active role in the financial strategizing, modelling, and presentation process of an impact-oriented financial technology company.

NB: the earliest we can place an intern with UCO is December 2019. If you prefer a different start date, UCO is open to discussing this.


Interns in this role will:

  • Be provided the opportunity to learn from live financial models, including pro-forma and valuation models, and see real-world feedback questions.

  • Be given the opportunity to create specialized financial models.

  • Be permitted to shadow some executives in formal and informal meetings and will be expected to carry themselves professionally and presentably.

  • Get to learn the business applications and legal context for the issuance of a variety of securities in different contexts.

  • Be given the opportunity to interact with select external parties, including investors.

  • Work with members of the team on miscellaneous operational tasks.

If the intern displays competence, work ethic, and initiative, they will be permitted more advanced responsibilities; including identifying and initiating contact with potential partners.

Requirements to Apply

  • Smart, disciplined, professional, gets things done.

  • Preference given to individuals with demonstrably strong financial skills, inter-personal skills, ethics, and problem-solving capacities.

  • Finance competence will be required, as will significant care need to be taken to ensure confidentiality of sensitive material.