We rely on an amazing team of volunteers in Pakistan to ensure our internships run smoothly and our interns have a great time when they’re not working.

Take a look at what our 2019 volunteers had to say about the experience.


Asraa khan - project lead Karachi 2019

Having lived in Dubai for a big chunk of my life, I had always noticed a sense of fear whenever I asked any foreign friends to visit my home country, Pakistan. This came as a surprise for me as I was born and raised in Karachi and not once in those 16 years did I feel scared or uneasy. From that point on I had just wanted to be able to bring all of those friends to Pakistan and show them its true vibrant, modern self and that’s exactly what the ‘Dil Internship Project’ is all about.

When I found out about the ‘Dil Internship Project’ I grabbed the opportunity without a second thought. This was my chance to provide a new lens to foreigners from which to view Pakistan with. Pakistan and specifically Karachi may have been underestimated and misjudged around the world, but I wanted these interns to be able to see the infinite opportunities the city has to offer and the numerous contrasts this city exhibits every second. It is an organized chaos! It’s modern yet conservative, it’s contemporary yet traditional and one may be able to find calm moments and a sense of belonging in this otherwise fast-paced, exciting metropolis.

This internship was not just an opportunity for foreign kids to experience, learn from and contribute to the dynamic corporate world but it was also an opportunity for myself to be able to meet new people, see things from their perspective, understand where and why the preconceived image stems from, and how Pakistan is or isn’t fulfilling their expectations.  It was an experience each one of us would remember for years and it really did accomplish its purpose as by the end of it both sides left with a heavy heart, newfound friendships and a gamut of ideas for improvement and growth of this country that we hope to implement in the future.

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