Pakistan has so much to offer. Yet, when we think about doing something for Pakistan, our minds almost always jump to charity. The Dil Internship Project is designed to connect students from the UK to opportunities in Pakistan (or with Pakistani companies in Dubai and London.) We want to move forward and help provide a route for people who care about Pakistan to bring their skills and talent to the country.

Why is the Dil Internship Project important right now?

1. The need to move beyond charity.

Pakistan is not only a place that needs your money, it's a natural home for your skill and talent.

2. The appetite to help.

Pakistanis abroad desperately want to do something for Pakistan, but are sometimes unsure of the right avenues.

3. It's time.

The timing is right as Pakistan becomes a key geo-strategic player in need of human capital.

It is time. If you’ve ever thought about contributing to Pakistan or experiencing the country in a unique way, the Dil Internship Project is for you.
— Musty Kamal, Founder of Dil Internship Project

What Are We Working towards?

This is our first year of existence and we are starting off with companies in very distinct sectors, including food, textile and cosmetics. Our partners are some of the most influential companies in the country and therefore, interns can expect to get an extremely dynamic, challenging and useful experience out of this. Alongside the salaried work internships offered, we will be offering free accommodation and cultural experiences throughout the Intern’s times in Pakistan or Dubai. (We are also offering London based internships for those wary of travel, but are keen to get exposure to the broad influence of Pakistani companies around the World.) The roles we have on offer from general consulting to data engineering.

The application process is really simple. All you have to be is a student at a UK University, or a recent graduate, and have an interest in Pakistan. Although speaking Urdu would help you during the internship, it is by no means mandatory. The steps include an online application form and an interview. We will then liaise with interns about their travel arrangements, but the accommodation, travel, much of the food and security whilst in Pakistan and Dubai will be covered.