Pakistan has so much to offer. Yet, when we think about doing something for Pakistan, our minds almost always jump to charity. The Dil Internship Project is designed to connect students and young professionals from across the world to opportunities in Pakistan. We want to move forward and help provide a route for people, who care about Pakistan, to bring their skills and talent to the country.

Why is the Dil Internship Project important right now?

1. The need to move beyond charity.

Pakistan is not only a place that needs your money, it's a natural home for your skill and talent.

2. The appetite to help.

Pakistanis abroad desperately want to do something for Pakistan, but are sometimes unsure of the right avenues.

3. It's time.

The timing is right as Pakistan becomes a key geo-strategic player in need of human capital.

For too long has the notion of helping Pakistan been synonymous with volunteering at a charity or a non-profit organisation. Of course, this is necessary. But the idea that Pakistan only needs charity is false; it is a natural destination for your skills and talents too.
— Mustafaen Kamal, Founder of Dil Internship Project