Pakistan has so much to offer.

Yet, when we think about doing something for Pakistan, our minds almost always jump to charity. The Dil Internship Project is designed to connect students and young professionals from across the world to opportunities in Pakistan. We want to move beyond the narrative of charity and create a route for people who care about Pakistan to bring their skills and talent to the country.

Why does the Dil Internship Project aim to do?



To establish a non-charity based route for diaspora Pakistanis, and people who care about Pakistan, to redirect their skills and talent to both private and public Pakistani sectors.



To contribute to Pakistani commerce by filling essential skills gaps. We hope our interns can use their international education to help Pakistani businesses grow, alleviating the leakage of human capital that has occurred as a result of Pakistan’s brain drain.



To revitalise Pakistan’s image on the world stage by partnering with local Pakistani tourism agencies to arrange exciting cultural visits that our interns can enjoy.